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Major standup

Major Johnson is a stand-up comedian, doing stand-up for five years under the stage name of Major.  He tells his audiences that Major stands for Making A Joke Out of Reality, as a lot of his comedy references his real life experiences. However, in a more candid conversation, he shared that he believes his parents added Major to his name to signify that he was meant for bigger things than what the streets of Chester, PA expects.  


Comedy came to Major in the form of a dream after spending a long weekend at the “County Hotel”  aka jail. He recalls having a dream where none other than the King of Comedy himself, Bernie Mac, spoke to him and convinced him to get off the block and get on the stage to use his humor to help people deal with their reality. Major started hitting open mic nights wherever he could and has been performing as a feature and headliner for the last year. In a 2020 interview with Cut to The Chase he stated, “Comedy saved me and showed me a better path. Comedy has been major to me. Now I just want to become major to comedy… I owe it that much, yesGod. 

My work

I'm  experienced in every role as a comedian, (well maybe not a comedic actor, but I'm working on that) I can be booked to host, open, feature, or headline shows. I've even been a celebrity judge for talent competitions. I can work any stage from comedy clubs, promoter shows, corporate/private events, and cruises.

This comedy thing takes work. Work to master the craft and work to get paid, so I'll take every opportunity my schedule will permit. Bookers and promoters can contact my management team with the information below. Supporters can join  what we call The Major League by following me on social platforms and/or joining my mailing list.

My Mic

Hey, athletes work out at the gym, and comedians work out at The Mic. Whether you're new to comedy, or a seasoned vet, my mic is here to help you increase your skill and further your comedy career.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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